Man Helps Elderly Woman Being Attacked

Man Helps Elderly Woman Being Attacked

I love when pieces of shit get what’s coming to them. I think the majority of us on here have a problem with the vulnerable being preyed upon. That usually includes, children, animals, the disabled and the elderly. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing some asshole take advantage and hurt someone who can’t fight for themselves. A man is recording a video and we hear a woman screaming from afar. He goes to investigate and discovers a man attacking an elderly woman. He’s on top of her and looks to be thrusting and her shirt is ripped open so I can only assume he was raping or attempting to rape her. The man recording dishes out his own brand of justice and kicks the hell out of the guy’s face. As he lays there trying to hold onto consciousness the hero helps the poor woman to her feet and she’s clearly shaken up and hurt. What kind of sick fuck can do that to a little old lady? I can only hope that guy called the cops and didn’t let that low life get away.

Thank you Pinky!!

18 thoughts on “Man Helps Elderly Woman Being Attacked

  1. You don’t think this was some sick shit granny porn do you?

    So he just turns his back and just walks the old lady in the house whilst still filming? Also those black marks on the granny looked fake. Sure they could be smudges of dirt. I don’t know. Also no blood spray from the perp.

    Sorry guys. I call fake granny rape porn made-to- order for perverts.

  2. “What kind of sick fuck can do that to a little old lady”? ….a GRANNY BANGER that’s who.

    Wow tho how bad ass is this dude who literally multitaskingly records himself saving the day like a superhero or Charles Bronson kicks shit out of perp,and helps Grammy like it was a walk in the park.

    …Then like a boss walks into public restrooms and gets bj from Grammy sans dentures.
    Whatta Cuntry.

  3. That rapist looked like he was high on krockodil, or anti freeze or whatever shit they do there.
    There are plenty of worthless vermin like that who prey on elderly women, and street justice is too good for them. Too bad he couldn’t get some Brazilian medicine.
    Hooray for the guy filming. I just hope he went back to finish the job, then called the cops.

  4. Fuck, exactly what happened, is what i was thinking that i would do when i saw the guy walk-up on that disgusting thing. I Would have said fuck-all, and just jogged-up to him, and kicked-him under hos Jaw as hard as i can repeatedly What A Fucking Goof-Ball he is!

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