Father Hangs Himself And His Son

Father Hangs Himself And His Son

It really pisses me off when stupid parents harm their innocent children because they can’t handle life. If you want to kill yourself then do it but leave your child out of it. This father of the year here hung himself and his very young son. Back in September, 29 year old Enmanuel Guerriel killed his 4 year old son, Angui, then took his own life in their home in Jimani, Dominican Republic. The translation is pretty bad but the wife says her husband decided to kill himself and their child for ‘passion reasons’ and that they spent several days apart which to me says she cheated and left him and he decided to punish her in the worst way possible. I don’t understand how a parent could ever look at their own child and want to hurt them in any way or use them to get back at their significant other. A child is always suppose to come first no matter what life may throw your way and this man did the most selfish act possible. RIP to the poor innocent child who never asked to be brought into this world and was taken out by someone who was suppose to protect him.

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  1. I can’t imagine this poor boy’s thoughts when the only person he trusts grabs him and tries to kill him.
    I’m sure his only thought was “daddy why are you doing this πŸ™ “

  2. this dude is a fukn faggot. I deal with a lot of mental health issues suicidal thoughts and all but never NEVER have I ever thought of killing my kid too. thankfully he’s kinda helped me get away from that kind of self destructive behavior. but this douche is such a cock sucker I would have taken this kid in.

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