Man Loses His Clothes and His Life

Man Loses His Clothes and His Life

Don’t you just hate it when you get into a vehicle accident and lose all of your clothes? I don’t have any info on this one other than the guy was riding his bike and was clearly hit by a car or truck and was smeared across the street. Little pieces of him are scattered everywhere and parts of him had to be shoveled off of the pavement although when I first saw the pic I thought the guy was trying to play hockey instead. What little clothing he does still have is confusing to me. The undies I’ve seen plenty of times on men in these parts of the world but are those ladies’ stockings on his feet? If it weren’t for his fucked up dick sticking out and lack of boobies I might be questioning the gender. Poor guy will never get to wear his stockings again, a true tragedy.

Thank you Pinky!

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