Motorcycle Accident Removes Man’s Face

Motorcycle Accident Removes Man's Face

We’ve got a truly fucked up one today. The first video is from a dashcam showing two motorcyclists speeding down the highway when one crashes into a car coming from the opposite direction. The dude goes flying in the air and it looks like a second one fell to the ground closer to the bike then suddenly the second motorcyclist smashes into the car recording. Now I’m not sure which guy it is in the second video but it’s supposed to be one of the motorcyclists and their face is completely missing except for their eyes. We see this kind of face (or lack thereof) in a lot of attempted suicides via a shot to the head. That is not the case here though and this poor fucker has nothing left. From the pictures we can see one man missing his head entirely and the other in the striped shirt I believe is our faceless friend. The hairstyle looks to be the same plus there’s hardly any face left and the injury seems to match up overall. I’d love to see how he looks after the docs stitch him up.

Thank you Pinky for the awesome videos!

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