Man’s Nose Ruined By Maggots

Man's Nose Ruined By Maggots

Nothing better than a good ol’ maggot video. This poor guy not only has his nose infested with creepy crawlies but it’s also completely torn apart and it looks painful as hell. I’m sooo incredibly jealous of the doctors who get to remove each one of those little wiggly boogers. That’s my dream job right there but the man doesn’t seem as excited about it as I am. I can’t tell if he’s in pain or if he’s trying not to sneeze…we all know that tickle you get in your nostrils that drives you crazy and makes your eyes water. Unfortunately, this guy is going to have to undergo some type of surgery to fix that jacked up nose once all of his friends are removed. I don’t know how he got those in there but he does have that homeless look going on or I’m just a judgmental bitch. Either one is likely.

18 thoughts on “Man’s Nose Ruined By Maggots

  1. That took too damn long… i’d have made him sneeze and get em all out in one shot so i can go home early…i got more important shit to doπŸ˜‘

  2. He gots kicked the snot out of him, me thinks and grew a maggot factory for us all to enjoy.

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