Man’s Body Sliced Up Good

Man's Body Sliced Up Good

On September 20th, the body of 60 year old Saeng Sen was discovered in a river in Kompong Thom Province, Cambodia. From the photos it’s clear he was not in the river long as his body is neither bloated nor decomposing. The police have no suspects or motive for the crime but someone clearly had a lot of pent up rage to hack up his body the way they did. The cuts look to be from a machete with most of the blows on the head and neck and at least one on his arm probably trying to protect himself. From what I can make out of his face he didn’t look bad for his age but he’s definitely going to have a closed casket for his funeral. I don’t have high hopes that they’ll catch his killer.

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15 thoughts on “Man’s Body Sliced Up Good

  1. Damn them Cambodians have great genes! 60 years old and not a single gray hair and full head of hair….. well, except where the machete gave him a bit of a trim. And i’m SOOOO glad @littlefoot thinks his face doesn’t look bad for his age πŸ˜‘. WHY DON’T YOU MARRY HIM THEN! 😑😑😑

  2. ‘Kompong Thom Province’
    Fuck, try saying this fast twice without saying “Thong”. I forgot what the hell I wanted to say because of this.
    Maybe he should’ve asked his killer if he could say it and then maybe he would’ve been hung up on it and forgot to kill him.

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