Woman Is Attacked And Killed By Dogs

On August 22, 2018, a 38-year-old woman named Emma had just started a job as a caretaker/janitor in Viamão, in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, Brazil. She had been working eight days when she went out to feed the dogs at her jobsite.. not noticing that they had gotten loose. Six of the dogs brutally attacked Emma, mauling her to death. The woman’s boss, Lucia.. who was there at the time claimed she never heard anything and was shocked to find Emma dead. The cops have not yet decided if they will charge the owner with manslaughter or not. That whole story sounds real good and all.. but uhm.. where the F are her clothes? Did some perverted dogs take her clothes off then kill her? Lucia, you got some ‘splainin to do.🤨

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  1. Fuckin ironic. The picture of her with a dog. That is some irony. Looks like the dogs pulled her pants. Looks like they pulled off all of her clothes. So they could get down to the meat. Dogs that violent should not exist. Give those dogs to a chinko. And let them blow torch the damn muts. This reaction for getting fed?

  2. It’s a shame we don’t get to see her throat. I’d be willing to bet it’s completely ripped out by the dogs. If the dogs are wild enough to attack then they probably are wild enough to bring their victims down by grabbing the victims throat.

    • Damn right my thoughts exactly. Plus some footage of it would cool. For educational purposes. I’ve yet to see a gruesome dog death. As an avid lover of puppies. I’d like to see what they’re capable of. Without having to find out first hand.
      @Belly Scars

      • @trustme

        I’ve only seen one dog attack and that was on TV. It was one of the Cops shows. A woman with a dangerous dog sicced the dog on an animal control cop who came to take the dog. The dog clamped down on the officer’s breast and just would not let go. I think she also got bitten on her hand. It was kind of gruesome with the officer screaming so much. I would have screamed, too. It was a big ass dog!

        • PS….

          You can go to YouTube and type in “The Pit Bull Attack Of Florence Crowell”

          Though this episode doesn’t mention her breast being bitten, you can see her holding it as she begins to walk away. I love that the stupid dog owner wound up in jail for six months. Kudos to the hero with the bat!

          • That chick was one huge spiteful chick. Sickin a pitbull on people. It’s cause of owners like that. That pitbulls get a bad wrap. I’ve seen that clip from that show. Lol
            @Belly Scars

  3. It’s a weird thing that dead bodies don’t bleed. Some of those injuries look as if they occurred after death, as there’s not much blood around or on them. Unless the dogs licked it all off. They made a good meal of poor Emma.

  4. @alliegrace, I was thinking the same. It looks like there’s no blood in the grass. I doubt they would have licked that up even if they licked it off the body. And what killed her? None of those injuries look fatal. Even the head wound is just a scalping. We’ve all seen people with worse who survived. If the dogs did go for her throat and we just can’t see, then there should definitely be blood somewhere, right? Sounds like bullshit.

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