Man Impaled By Bollard After Falling Out Of His Apartment Window

A few days ago, a man in Paris either accidentally fell or jumped out of his Paris apartment window and was impaled by a bollard. There’s not much info on this so I don’t know if the man was jumping to commit suicide and just had some real shit luck on the way down or if he was drunk or something and just somehow fell out of the window… no idea. Either way, that shit looks painful as hell and I don’t know how he was even still alive in the photos. He did die shortly after though. The man has not been identified.

21 thoughts on “Man Impaled By Bollard After Falling Out Of His Apartment Window

  1. As I speak french, I’ll translate roughtly for you all:
    First video:
    M1″Remove your finger, fucker”
    M2″Oh he got the pole?”
    M1″Yeah he is impalled on the pole”
    W “It’s not a montage, right?”
    M?”no no no no no
    M2″But it got out, by the head?”
    M1″By the neck!”
    W”But he moves!”
    M1″But he moves in fact, he hasn’t died right there”

    Video 2
    Man coming up to the guy “Mister you’re hearing me?”
    Woman in the background “I saw him he fell from above” (really? thanks for that precious info)
    Woman near the guy impaled, hand toward him palm down: “Don’t move don’t move don’t move mister, don’t move… don’t move we are taking care of you, okay?”
    Also, the caption under it reads: “The guy was still alive”.

    And yes, he was. And on the top picture, he clearly is. I’ve never hear of emergency staff in france putting a bloodpressure thingy and an oxygen mask to a dead body =^.^=

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