Drunk Malaysian Girl Gets Run Over By SUV

A young Malaysian girl was out partying when she apparently got a little too drunk. Okay.. more like a lot too drunk. The woman was trying to find her way home when she got tired and decided to lay her drunk ass in the middle of the street. Not long after she laid down an SUV drives over the woman dragging her several feet. The driver stops and backs up.. not realizing he’s just run over a drunk girl. A man runs over to help but there was nothing anyone could do for the girl. She died at the scene.

8 thoughts on “Drunk Malaysian Girl Gets Run Over By SUV

  1. Everyone should look after themselves in the first instance. Yet I feel this drunk girl’s friends have let her down by letting her run off on her own etc
    When i was this young we had a designated non -drunk friend for the night.we would take it in turns. Such a person saved me from being bashed to death by a gangster for pissing on his Porsche and almost him and his girlfriend on a public street!

    The area here was well lit and the driver was driving really slowly! I know no reason why the spacecadet driver did not see her and stop in time.

  2. You know alcohol is worse than weed. You won’t lay in the road cause you’re high. Being drunk is another story. I’ve done alot of stupid shit when drunk. And had many a nasty fall too. I bought a bottle of this liquor. This shit put everclear to shame. After only a cup of it. I was falling all over the place. After a sip. My equilibrium was fucked.

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