Iraqi Social Media Star And Beauty Queen Shot Dead

Tara Fares, a 22-year-old model from Iraq was shot dead on Thursday morning while inside of her white Porche. Tara was a beauty queen and was chosen as Miss Baghdad 2015. Early Thursday, September 27, 2018.. two unknown men on a motorcycle drove up to Tara’s car and open fired into the vehicle.. striking the girl three times. She was taken to Sheikh Zaid hospital where she died soon after. Tara was pretty well known among Muslims and in the Middle East. She had over three million followers on her Instagram account and apparently that’s like a life goal for some people. The model had no connection to politics or human rights, so no official motive has been released. But with that said, we all know how Muslims feel about girls going around acting like they actually have a mind of their own and not wearing their traditional clothing. So it’s not surprising that she was murdered. She wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.

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  1. She was extremely beautiful, no doubt. But I can see where what she did and resembled symbolically could be an issue in any Muslim or Islamic culture. Even though she and her family were Christians, in those countries, women cannot get shine much. A direct threat to the Patriarchal system in place.Funny thing is that when Saddam and Gaddafi were in power, their citizens had more freedom to express themself religiously than the system in place today. The west loves to demonize those two rulers, but the reality is quite different. Especially where Lybia was concerned. Gaddafi wanted to create an African Union independent of Western influence. No World Bank. No UN, No controls from the US. His people were able to get college educations, not encumbered by high debt upon completion of their education. A gold standard instead of the US Dollar. A strong military apparatus similar to NATO, but with Pan Africanism at the heart of it. Trade deals that benefit Africans more than outsiders. He wanted to make sure that the West didn’t control the vast mineral and material wealth of Africa. He even at one time proposed to give a multi BILLION dollar grant to assist blacks living in the US during the civil rights era. Monies to be sent to the Nation Of Islam, and distributed to directly help Americans of African decent. And you know the US wasn’t going for anything like that!!

    Saddam was a darling of the west off and on, mostly on for decades. Especially during the war with Iran. Iran would have crushed Iraq if it wasn’t for American support in the form of arms, training, money, and information sharing. And the governments of France and Germany were setting up Nuclear Reactors in Iraq as well. But since the US wasn’t in control of damn near everything, they pulled the rug right from under Saddam. And even though Saddam and the Baath party ruled from the minority, there wasn’t much in the form of terrorism. He knew how to keep those people in line. Even with the majority population being supported by Iran, he was able to keep a lid on any international terrorist organization that would come to fruition with the Second Gulf War, and the disaster we are all familiar with.

    Sorry bout the long tangent.

  2. Wow. I didn’t know she was Christian. That even makes it worse because it means it was much more likely to be politically motivated.

    Everything you said was true re Iraq and Libya. All documented and provable to those with eyes and a mind for enquiring.
    Iraq,Syria and Libya ALL had lifestyles / standards of living equal to or Better than the USA. Anyone smart enough could have an education ,free healthcare for all etc. I don’t want to go on. Anyone that wants to know can ask you ,me or read a book!

    Oh and Christians were safe! Yes ,every so often some fucked Moslem would slaughter A Christian but it was not widespread and allowed as it is now!

    Food for thought.


    • I don’t think the Christianity placed the biggest role. The idea of an woman showing more than her eyes frightens Muslims. They don’t want these modern/western influences in their land and way of life.

      When I hear that Muslims are about peace and love via Allah, it’s stories like this that make me roll my eyes.

  3. How could she not expect that would happen? Trying to live the rich American girl lifestyle where it’s clearly frowned upon amongst traditionalists. She’s only the latest of recent murders of women pushing the envelope of what is considered normal…. it’ll probably happen again…. soon.

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