Man Beheads His Buddy For Talking Shit About His Mother

Around 10:30am on Saturday, September 29, 2018.. a 28-year-old man identified as Pashupathi, walked into the police station in Karnataka, India with his best friend’s severed head in his hand. The victim was identified as Girish. Pashupathi told police that he and Girish were good friends but that Girish had spoken ill of his mother which started a fight between the two that ended up in the death of the man. Pashupathi admitted to everything.. but, I mean, he was carrying around his buddy’s bloody head. What else could he say? Don’t talk shit about people’s mamas, guys.

17 thoughts on “Man Beheads His Buddy For Talking Shit About His Mother

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  2. He’s carrying it around like it’s his emotional support head.

    I wonder what the insult was that set him over the edge?

    “Yo mama so fat she makes Kamadhenu look skinny”

    “Yo mama so dumb she makes curry from premixed curry powder”

    “Yo mama so poor she wears sari’s made of polyester”

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