Stabbing Attack Injures Three People In Ravensburg, Germany

Earlier today, September 28, 2018, in Ravensburg, Germany.. a man went on a stabbing spree where he seriously injured three people. One, a man, was enjoying a meal with his family when he saw a man with a knife running towards them. He tried to fight the man off with a chair but was stabbed in the hands and back. The other two victims were stabbed close by and at random. The attacker has been arrested and is in police custody. Nothing else has really been released yet.

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    • What remains unsaid is that this filth was caused and allowed in by Uncle Sam. No two ways about it. There is too much evidence pointing in that direction.

      Even the policeman looked Moslem. That in itself does not worry me. What does worry me is that confidential reports by the German Police said that most of these Moslem cops actually want Sharia Law introduced into Germany! This after three generations in Germany!

        • Yes .Sure ,there are libtards who want to destroy /bring down Euro heritage . I agree.

          However , Uncle Sam was def behind the invasion of rapefugees.
          I still do not know if it was a blunder or a plan but because it has happened at no cost to the US , I am afraid it will happen again.

          If we settled some headchoppers in the US we’d see a drastic reduction in these horrific happenings worldwide.

          Certain smart countries spilled lots of blood to get rid of these pernicious cunts. Eg Greece,Yugoslavia,Bulgaria,Hungary and Romania etc and then some know -it-alls in Brussels ,London and Washington brought them back in!! A curse upon their houses!

      • You are 100 percent correct in that it is the fault of the US government that so many people became refugees, with unjust and unnecessary spillover into Western nations. Conservatives here lied and led us into an unjust war. And left their Western allies holding the bag. Just so a few greedy rich assholes could make more money than they could ever spend. While the young and poor have to suffer the real costs. Why else would the Trump administration speak with such vitriol against legal bodies like the International criminal court? Because they damn well know that the US has committed war crimes (government that is) and would be the first on the chopping block. Ever notice how no American official is ever held to account, no matter what they did. Illegal war profiteering aside, the US is by far the single country who commits the most war crimes by a large margin.

        • Very true IP. I know it but do not want to mention it too often lest I unnecessarily upset my American friends here -like you-too much.
          When America lost its “Moral stance ” it even lost many centrist people as well. The blatant disregard started in the early 2000s with the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes they were bad but they were US pals until they went off -script. People forget that saddam and the Taliban were American- financed and supported for years. True Frankensteins !

      • Sharia law ? They donโ€™t have sharia law in there own COUNTRIES !
        Yet they want to implement it in the western world ( RIDICULOUS )
        Taqiyya is only relevant in the shia world which make up 10% of the
        Muslim world,how can you ignore such a important stat and not inform
        your readers about this (Intellectual dishonesty or Ignorance ?)
        โ€œMuslims believe they are at war with usโ€ FARCICAL !
        Your Ignorance is nauseating and embarrassing,You obviously have no idea about the religion and are sprouting the same tripe that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller do ( Zionist Germs ).
        Ps Why do you ignore what the west has to done to the Middle East ?
        We have committed war crimes on a daily basis and killed millions.
        WE OPENLY TORTURED INNOCENT PEOPLE yet you ignore all of this ..
        Do you think they hate us because the Quran tells them to or
        because we killed there children and destroyed there homes ?
        If you answer truthfully its plain to see religion
        has nothing to do with this
        what would you do if somebody killed your family and destroyed your
        country based on lies ? WHAT THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO ?

        • Taqiyya is not just a Shia fact. Most Moslems are taught to integrate until the moment is right.

          Although they hate us more because the Americans and its foolish vassals have bombed them , they hated us before that as well.

          If you are German you have no clue. Read some history of the Euro countries that lived under Moslem rule for five hundred years and you will begin to understand. It was called the Ottoman (Turk /Moslem) Empire.

          Better still ….wait ten to fifteen years and you will live it personally.


  1. Gotta get your daily force fed dose of multiculturalism…its working out great for everyone is Europe,cant wait to see the results of americans flooding there lands with the same filth,thanks asshole big difference though is in america you will get shot by someone.either cop or hero with a gun

      • Guns are not evil. People are. You can ban guns, and people will use knives, rocks, bricks, cars, baseball bats, poison and even explosives. Legal access to firearms is the greatest equalizer. With a gun, a 50 year old, 125 lb.. woman can protect herself from a 20 year old, 200 lb. man wielding anything except perhaps the explosives. And yet, even when outlawed, criminals would still get them because criminals don’t obey laws to begin with. But hey, if you want to be somebody’s next victim, just keep voting to restrict legal gun ownership.

        • Guns don’t kill people, people kill people . . . with guns ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, they’ve been around a few hundred years now, too late to put the genie back in the bottle or the toothpaste back in the tube. Either way, we’re fucked if someone goes off the deep end and forgets the golden rule. And now that you can “print” your very own gun, ha!

  2. In Oregon the police would let the attacker go on his merry way. After a shower and a hot meal of course. Illegal aliens in this state are privileged people and treated with greater respect than the citizens of Oregon. It’s a crime what the local government does to Americans in order to ensure we are second class people to the criminal law breakers staying here.

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