Pretty Teen Girl Killed By Older Ex-Boyfriend

Now I’m not one to preach about girls dating older guys.. because, well… ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ guilty. But like the two people in this post.. a 31-year-old guy with a 17-year-old girl? No, honey boo boo. If you’re in your 30s and dating anyone who’s age has the word ‘teen’ behind it, somethin’ is wrong. This pretty young teen girl from Las Guรกzumas, Salcedo, Dominican Republic.. was dating an older guy when she decided she wanted to break up with him. They couple had just had a child together and were having a lot of issues. The man, identified only as ‘E’ did not agree with the break-up, so he figured if he couldn’t have the young girl.. nobody could. E took a machete to the girl’s throat and killed her. Not long after killing the girl E went outside and hung himself. Leaving their child without either parent. Great job, dad.

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  1. Yes, I’d have to agree with the above answer… He came out to her and said that he was gay hoping that she would understand and support him… But, she laughed in his face instead… So, in a fit of rage he slashed her throat with the aforementioned machete and then in a fit of depression and abject sadness he hung himself with a little tiny short piece of garden hose… Sad sad sad

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