Trans Woman Forced To Show Penis And Then Beaten

I never know when to say trans woman or trans man I am totally confused as to which is which, so at this point I’m just gonna say this is a guy who wants to be a girl but still has a dick under her skirt. So this trans woman was livin’ her life being a girl, wearing makeup and dresses and all that jazz.. when rumors got around that she was really a dude. The local guys didn’t take too kindly to that and were determined to find out. The video shows the guys confronting the woman and forcing her to undress to show that she is really a he with a penis. The transgender woman slowly undresses and takes off her shirt to reveal a stuffed bra instead of nice bouncy titties. She continues taking clothes off until she is down to her pants and she begs the men not to make her do this. But one of them comes flying out like a monkey and hits her, then another kicks her in the face. She proceeds to finish taking her clothes off and boom there’s the weiner. The tranny gets a beating from the men while she screams like a ……girl. The camera then cuts off. So I don’t know if they let her go after the beating or if they ended up doing worse. Either way I am pretty sure they were just mad because she had a bigger dick than them.

42 thoughts on “Trans Woman Forced To Show Penis And Then Beaten

    • Or because living your entire life as something you’re not… Is difficult enough… How dare you come into our Hood acting like you’re a female, and letting all these guys think you’re hot but not giving any pussy to anybody for obvious reasons and then one day…

  1. But, but, but…. I thought all the LGBTQ and all the Black and colored people of the world were joined together in a hands holding frenzy of acceptance and love and marching together towards a better world of socialistic ideals and group hugs and stuff. Oh, so sad. Someone needs to tell the liberals that it’s not working somewhere in the world. Black people hurting a tranny is just not right. LGBTQ are all for the colored people. You mean they aren’t all for them? Oh wow. Does that mean that some Black people are sort of, like, racist…Or anti gay, or something? Could it be true?

  2. I’m not against any American who chooses to live their life the way they want as long as they are respectful of my rights and to live in peace. But when some groups start to impose their BS on me and begin to take away my right to live under our Constitution in peace, my only other choice is gonna be anarchy or death.

      • Specifically YouTube. Giving rap twats a platform. And banning what they see fit. Like A Call For An Uprising. He is getting banned all the time. For even saying the word jew. So he has to use Bagel Eaters. Or jewtubes algorithm finds him. And I am not anti semetic. He did one about Asia Argento. And ended up getting a strik

  3. Creepy shit all around. But I wish this would happen to Kaitlyn Jenner.

    … these guys better watch out for karma. No telling would could happen on a drunken Friday night in their shithole town. these fools could end up fucking Ms.Tranny in ass thinking it’s a woman…or funnier getting fucked in ass by it…and getting HIV.

    There should be a make wish for trannies to get the dick chopped surgery so they can go be women.

  4. I’m certainly not gay, but I aint no homophobe either. People should live and let live. You aint gonna change nothing by doing silly shit like these guys did here. And if they don’t approve, they should just keep steppin. “Do you” as the saying goes. If he or she aint harming anyone else or doing anything illegal, then leave people alone. I happen to have a brother who has mental issues and happens to be gay, and would never want to see him suffer or be degraded like that.

  5. Lolz,same minds nextie..when i first was reading this,i said,kuz her dicks probably bigger than theirs!!😂😂

    I always look for an Adams Apple when questioning gender..the surgery to remove it is way too expensive for most,and i don’t think medi-cal or like programs cover that surgery..

  6. I hate trannys or the concept because they want to fool me into or lie to me into thinking they are a chick. but I knew 1 who looked like a chick for real. he was pretty cool I must say. I would defend him or her to death. but I don’t like being forced into feeding into others delusions. there’s no such thing as a successful sex change. it’s disgusting to mutilate your body. its okay to be gay buy you’ll never be a chick bra get over it

  7. I don’t care about gay men or lesbian woman but a man that perceives himself as a woman I do think is wrong cuz that tricks straight men and its so offensive. That goes for woman that are “studs” looking like a dude is just as wrong… totally for people being who they are unless they do, say, act, look something they are not. Cuz it’s misleading and being a lier and tricking people into believing lies and the outcome of that always turns into hurting others and being a bad situation.

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