Mother Beats Her Daughter Over Sending Nudies

I don’t have any info on this other than it is a mother beating the shit out of her daughter because she found out the girl was sending nudies of herself to boys. Ugh, you girls start hoeing at such young ages nowadays. The beating was a little harsh for some nudies but she did deserve something. Like I don’t know.. take her phone or some shit? My mama would’ve probably done the same to me though, but fortunately selfie nudies weren’t even a thing when I was a teenager.

Thanks Pinky!

22 thoughts on “Mother Beats Her Daughter Over Sending Nudies

  1. Disciplining her child, the way cartels handle deadbeats.
    Can’t say she didn’t deserve it.
    What if that was you’re daughter?
    She was on her way to brazzers.
    One thing about this woman.
    She isn’t Christy Macks mom.
    She nipped that shit in the bud quick.
    Christys mom on the other hand.
    Let her daughter be a cum dumpster.

  2. “Oak-ay birch, you wanna show your fir all over town because you’re bored you get the board. Those little pricks probably didn’t even notice their nuts dropped before one or all of them maple the pine to your cones! Tell me none of those ash-hats took your cherry you knotty little beech!”

    Yeah I got wood.

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