Man Jumps Out The Window Just As Cops Bust In His Apartment

Another big splat. This time from a guy trying to escape from cops. I don’t know what he did but it must’ve been pretty bad if he chose death over jail. Apparently, just as cops busted into his apartment(you can hear them beating down the door) he took off out the window and jumped backwards. He hit the ground hard and ugh.. that sound. It makes me cringe every single time.

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      • @beelzebub Thanks for the link. That should be required viewing and a training video for the US prisons. The cruelest part is they have to stay out of their beds for 16 hours, no wonder he jumped rather than go back to the can, ha! Is that Zippy the Pinhead in your avi?

          • That’s a great movie. I have a copy of it. That was the last time people could be themselves in a movie. Nowadays it’s considered wrong and now other people have to act like these people are to portray them on film so as to not offend the people being themselves in the first place. – hope that reads right and folks can follow that

      • Wow. How about that cannibal fellow and I love how they dress them like modern-day pastry chefs . Haha!

        Schlitze? Hah? Did he have half of his cranium missing? I saw vintage photos that I always thought were from inbred villages in Franco’s Spain and they had heads like this. However,they may have just had the same med condition as this schlitze.

          • Microencephaly is back! Brazilian zika virus gives on’e’s offspring this condition. Mosquito-borne from memory .

            Greece(being one of the hotter countries of Europe/now has West Nile Fever this year and has killed significantly more people than usual. With increased warming we are going to see horrible diseases coming back to Europe ,like Malaria ,No 1 all time killer -disease in terms of numbers from year 1!

            I believe ,they were pinheads in a village close to swamps in Spain . The rest had malaria so a few were born with a half-head like this Schlitze. I even knew a guy with an Italian surname Mezzatesta or something. It means “half-head” . Maybe had a pinhead ancestor whose offspring may have included someone ok?
            I will keep you in mind when i come across it again. It was 1930’s footage from memory. Franco early era?

    • Haha! Like the Golden Gate Bridge jumpers hitting the water like concrete, according to Wikipedia:
      Between 1937 and 2012, an estimated 1,600 bodies were recovered of people who had jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge, located in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.
      “The four-second fall from the Golden Gate Bridge sends a person plunging 245 feet (75 m) at 75 miles per hour (121 km/h) to hit the waters of the San Francisco Bay “with the force of a speeding truck meeting a concrete building.” Jumping off the bridge holds a 98 percent fatality rate”.

      • @borntorun
        There’s a very good documentary on the golden gate bridge jumpers called simply The Bridge. It’s about an hour and a half and even catches some live jumps. That would not be a method i’d choose to off myself. I’d never jump lol….i find the entire thing terrifying 😱

      • This camera person is a pro. Steady hand, quiet as a mouse, and the way they zoomed in on him in the beginning, then, as if they had a 6th sense about it, they widened the frame right before he jumped, and followed him all the way down to the splat…i feel like he’s done this a few times🤔

  1. He seemed so agile, I’m not sure why he didn’t jump up on that upper ledge, pull himself up on the roof and just start jumping from roof to roof.
    I’ve seen this done in movies, they would’ve never caught him.

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