Dumbass Lets Alligator Bite His Balls

I’m embarrassed to say this, but this is probably from my state. Where else other than Louisiana are you gonna find some idiot letting an alligator chomp down on his balls? Nodamnwhere. So this mildly retarded guy has his “Here, hold my beer.” moment when he is holding a small alligator and seems to be dying to stick a body part in the gator’s mouth. First he thinks about trying his tongue.. no go. Someone suggests his finger.. no go. He then starts unbuttoning his pants and a kid in the background screams, “No, not your dick!”… kid is the smartest person in the room, apparently. The guy proceeds to pull his balls out and lets the gator bite them, and immediately regrets it. I guess he thought it was going to be just a gentle cupping of his balls or something? Anywho, all I can say is I hope it ruined his chances of procreating.

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