Two Women Stabbed By Robber Inside Store

On September 7, 2018.. two women were attacked in a store by an unknown man. One of the women was a customer and the other an employee. The man casually walks in the store and immediately walks to the female customer, grabs her and puts the knife to her throat. He tells the store employee he wants money while he pulls the customer to the ground and starts stabbing her as she screams bloody murder. By the way, if you’re using headphones.. this is your volume warning. The store worker tries to distract the man with what looks like a squeegee to get him to stop stabbing the other woman. He ends up stabbing the customer multiple times and stabs the employee in the chest. After he is given money out of the cash register.. he calmly walks off. No info on either woman’s condition but I am assuming they were fine. Traumatized for life but alive.

15 thoughts on “Two Women Stabbed By Robber Inside Store

        • Thank God you’re from Texas. And not New York city.
          They have archaic gun laws.
          Or at least they seem like they do.
          From the prohibition era. When Thomas Dewey enacted them.
          To keep 1920s gangsters…from getting their hand on a six gun.
          As if any law has ever stopped any gangster from getting a gun.
          It’s like violence is more prevalent…
          Where firearms are prohibited.
          I am from a gun loving state. Where I can shoot any bad guy. Wanting to do harm to my person.
          Unlike in Mexico and Brazil. Where only the bad guys have guns. And the poor have to use machetes.
          If someone tries kidnapping in the States.
          They’ll likely be met with a pistol. @Beelzebub

  1. This is how you detect a lolbertarian… The customer would be fine if not for the actions of the stupid selfish employee… 😐 but she then learned her lesson when it was her skin on the line.

    “Give me all your money, or I’ll stab this woman, syka blyat!”
    “Pff, I don’t care, just get the fuck out!”
    “No, blyat! Gimme your money!” *stab stab*
    “Yeah yeah, kill that woman, like I care.”
    *stab employee*
    “Ok ok ok! Here’s the money!” 😆

    • She used the cliche old lady weapon.
      She was like:”Come on you young whipper snapper! Leave her alone.”
      Got in line quick and gave up the till…
      As soon as it was her ass on the line. She got stabbed like one time and that was it.
      She was like”Oh shit!”

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