Traffic Cop Gets A Beating

On Friday, September 14, 2018, a group of guys robbed and attacked a traffic warden in Alum Rock, Birmingham, England. They approached the victim and immediately started punching the man and dragged him off of his motorcycle. The men then kicked the victim in the head, face, and back giving him a concussion. They stole his motorcycle which is apparently what they were after to begin with. It takes a real piece of shit to beat and steal from someone who is just working at their job trying to make a living. The cops are still looking for all of the men involved.

27 thoughts on “Traffic Cop Gets A Beating

  1. I don’t have a fondness for cops. That being said, I also don’t like coward ass fools who gang up on a single person and stomp them down like that. I actually hope these idiots get caught and do time over that shit. If this happened in America though, they all would probably be dead by now.

    • Yeah, Europe’s going to hell letting THEM in. They’re raping women in Sweden and elsewhere and the government accommodates THEM, not wanting to appear prejudice against their religion 🐷

  2. Yeah there’s something to brag about to your friends – you beat up a traffic cop. You might as well have beat up the 98 year old nearly comatose Walmart greeter. A traffic cop is more or less a high school hall monitor with a nice badge. And rob him of what? The change from his morning coffee and donut? What’s next? Crossing guards? Cut off a hand, I’m sure they’ll learn not to steal again.

  3. “a group of guys” > sugar coating this shit, are we? This aren’t a “group of guys”, these are fucking MUSLIMS, say the word with me now, M U S L I M S… It’s not hard, who else would be that much uncivilized to act like fucking apes mistreating some cop just doing its job, in UK (United Kaliphate) of all places?

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