Couple Dies Together When Dump Truck Destroys Them

A man and woman were both killed while riding a motorcycle when a dump truck ran over them from behind on September 12, 2018 in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. The driver of the dump truck apparently never saw the couple and sped up.. running over them and turning the street into a bloody mess. You can see the moment the man is run over by the tire. His head pops like a pimple. Thank Jesus for that helmet the girl is wearing though. It sure did help a lot.🙄 At least they died together. So romantic.

Thanks MrsPink!

15 thoughts on “Couple Dies Together When Dump Truck Destroys Them

    • And the reason Mrs. BTR won’t let me ride anymore. Whenever I look longingly at a bike I want to buy I get ‘the look’ even though I have plenty of insurance 😉

        • @mammason01 Right on, she’s just an ol’ worrywart. 😉 When I was very young, I would hear the old riders say that if you were in a similar ‘situation’ in a car or on a bike, you could get you out of it on the bike. This video of being stopped at a light and trusting the driver of some big old truck is watching the road and not his phone is scary as hell 🙁

  1. When my number comes up I hope I pass in similar fashion to these unfortunate souls. Didn’t have time to even think to themselves “OH SHIT!” much less say it. Probably happened too fast to even register pain. Just instant lights out! Gotta love Brazil though, every day is a perpetual live reality version of the movie Final Destination.

  2. The truck driver needs to be caned publicly! How could he not have seen them? By law ,anyone in front of you travelling in the same direction as you is deemed to have been seen(at least in my country). It is not as if they cut in or came quickly from the side at right angles. The traffic is light so he can not say they were bunched up for a long time and he forgot they were there because the angle of view over his bonnet would not allow it!

    I just think third-world drivers are selfish no -hopers. I want to whip him all the more now!

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