Two Guys Play With Their Friend’s Unconscious Body As He’s Overdosing

The unconscious man in the video is 21-year-old Kyle Kearby from South Haven, Indiana. The two dipshits playing with his limp body are his friends. Kyle was overdosing on fentanyl, a very very strong painkiller and favorite among opiate addicts. Back in the day and in the worst of my addiction, I chewed fentanyl patches like a gross junkie and got sick on them many times. But Kyle is obviously a lot more than just sick.. he is dying. His friends somehow can’t grasp that, so they make fun of him and play like he is a puppet while they sing “You Got A Friend In Me”.. a song made popular by the best movie to ever exist.. Toy Story. One of the two idiot friends uploaded the video to his Facebook around 6:40am Sunday morning, with the caption… “One of my close friends passed away this morning. Please stop doing drugs. #fentanyl.” A woman immediately sent a message asking if Kyle was okay. The friend messaged back around 7am saying not to call 911 and that Kyle was absolutely fine and that they did it as a joke to show Kyle how bad he got when he was on drugs. But around 7 hours after the video was shot.. Kyle was pronounced dead. Medics tried to revive him with Narcan but were unsuccessful. Cops have shamed the two friends for acting like dumbasses but said no laws were broken. There is still an ongoing investigation into where the drugs came from and how they got to Kyle.

17 thoughts on “Two Guys Play With Their Friend’s Unconscious Body As He’s Overdosing

  1. Fuck little peep. Mf doom made a good damn song. About retards like lil peep. And all high profile fucktards. Who do opioids. And rap about it.
    Gawd those rappers suck.
    That song is RAP KNISHES.
    Seriously check it out. It’s an accurate depiction. A lyrical depiction. Of what idiots like peep were

  2. Chances are he know what he got himself into, so I find it hard to feel sorry for the lot other than his friends trying to save him although jokingly, but at least they weren’t arrested for mistakes his retard junkie “friend” commited. He payed for his degenerate stupidity.

  3. A fentanyl overdose shuts down involuntary functions such as breathing and CPR could have kept him alive until paramedics arrived. Unfortunately the phone was already being used to make a video though so it couldn’t be used to call for help. And I doubt these dipshits know CPR anyway so now he’s dead. The end.

    • Yeah, how about checking for some vital signs ya’ bunch of yutzes. Or at least drive him to the hospital and dump him in the lobby if you’re worried about getting busted.

  4. I worked out of town before in kentucky.lexington to be exact and lemme tell ya they were some dope fucked folks up there.that whole region.i was at walmart and watched worker reach in his pocket to pay for some shit and dropped out his rig and dope right there in front of other dope heads who looked like they wanted to pounce.i got a bad tooth ache while there and the dentist told me they dont give real meds anymore due to overdose deaths across the was mind numbing to see the tons of addiction clinics and opiate addiction commercials on tv there…

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