Motorcyclist Versus Semi Truck

Motorcyclist Versus Semi Truck

This video is from the point of view of the motorcyclist who is speeding down a back road. As he’s cruising along he goes around a curve and there’s a big semi coming from the opposite direction. It’s hard to tell but he seems to hit some type of bump and I don’t know if that’s what caused him to lose a bit of control or if he just didn’t react quick enough but he smashes his bike right into the truck. After the collision he goes tumbling down the hill on the side of the road. From the lack of movement at the end they’re either knocked unconscious or dead. I don’t think anyone can hit a huge truck at that speed and not end up dead but maybe he got lucky.

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  1. Gory Cory knows what’s going on cause that’s what I was going to make a comment about SOA, he must have been a hardcore fan of the show of doing the same demise as Jax Teller. I miss that show so much, but I have started watching Kurt Sutter’s Mayans, so far so good.

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