Man Hangs Himself On Facebook Live After Fight With Wife

Well, we haven’t had a live stream suicide in a minute. The only info I have for this video is that it’s from India and was due to an argument. Apparently, the man in the video had gotten into an argument with his wife, so he went into another room, turned Facebook Live on and killed himself. All while his wife and children can be heard in the other room. I can’t imagine what the argument must have been about. What’s so important that it caused him to hang himself? Did he wife not let him wear the pink dress so he had to settle for the ugly red one? Who knows. Hopefully his children weren’t the ones that found him.

18 thoughts on “Man Hangs Himself On Facebook Live After Fight With Wife

  1. I’m just hoping for the day where one of these strong ceiling fans brings the whole down ceiling down as soon as they try and hang from it.
    I could definitely see something like this happening to Will Ferrell in one of his movies.

    • I’m thinking that the wife found him dressing up in her clothes and she made fun of him or told him for the 1000th tume to stop. No heterosexual man waves that way at the beginning of the video. His mannerisms while waving scream homo.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Honestly, live your life the way you want, but I bet that the stigma or pressure from the wife was too much to live with.

  2. That was better than anything I’ve ever seen on directv or some other cable television carrier provides. Slowly his face turned purple as he slowly stopped spinning. I was also wondering what his wife would’ve done had she stepped into the room to check in on him. Would she try and lift him up, cut him down or pull down on him in an effort to pull the fan down so she could get air into his lungs

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