20-Year-Old Guy Shoots Himself In The Chest

A man identified only as Yunus B. Errr ok? Yunus shot himself in the chest because he just couldn’t take being called Yunus anymore. Not really but it could’ve happened. Anywho, Yunus was a 20-year-old from Istanbul and was planning out his wedding with his fiance when they got into a big argument. I don’t know what about but like the last post.. it probably wasn’t that serious. The man went into the house that he shared with multiple family members and grabbed a gun, loaded it, and shot himself in the chest without hesitation. The man’s family members immediately come running after hearing the gunshot and try to help. I have info that says he survived and info that says he didn’t.. so no idea if he’s still alive or not.

10 thoughts on “20-Year-Old Guy Shoots Himself In The Chest

  1. Another one over some bitch. I just couldn’t see the actual pulling of the trigger, or the gun pointed at his chest. Maybe new glasses are in order. Anyone else?
    That house is also ghetto so now he’s away from the scank, and the trash and fucking a thousand beautiful virgins. I think Yugo, or whatever his fucked up name is got the best of the deal.

    • Oh no @mammason01 ! Are you giving up on us or just upgrading? People here are ditching this place and moving to places like Idaho, Oregon, even Arizona and Nevada where $600k would buy a huge house with land. Here in sunny SoCal $600k buys a 1,300 sq.ft. dump on a 7k sq. foot lot in a typical neighborhood. Good luck with your sale and hope you find something better somewhere else. 🙂

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