Man Drives Car Into Crowd In China

So, just a few hours ago a man drove his car straight into a crowd of people and then continued his rampage by getting out of the car and stabbing anyone he could. Yang Zanyun, 54, who had previously been in and out of prison and has a long criminal record ..drove his car into a popular square near the river in Hengyang where tons of people gather almost every night to eat, dance, play music, etc. When he finally stopped his car, a red Land Rover, he went on a stabbing spree. Yang so far has killed 9 people and injured 46 but the number of dead is expected to go up. The man was arrested and is in custody.

19 thoughts on “Man Drives Car Into Crowd In China

  1. And yet, these deaths and injuries wont show show up on the reports the left uses to show gun violence in the U.S. Reality is that bad people will kill. If not by gun, then by some other means. A 2 ton car can do just as much damage, if not more, than a semi automatic rifle. Not to mention explosive devices.

  2. Poetic justice for the dogs they killed.Fuck all of those chink motherfuckers. There’s a video of these sadists. Blow torching a live dog whilst the crowd laughs. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. The title and thumbnail was enough. Which is why I hate the chinese so much. That and they are evil behind the wheel. Running down countless children with no fucks. I wish another chink rampages there. The Chinese are just pure fucking evil.

        • My gramps does that same thing with a smoker. Gets a distinct flavor in his ribs. All without blowtorching the livestock. I read articles about the chinkos. About dog being some kind of meat. That chinkos eat once in a lifetime. Disturbingly some of them own the dogs. How can those sick bastards raise a dang dog. Then put it down or sell it to someone. Whose gonna brutally put it down. Says a lot about their mentality. The rape of nanking use to bother me. Until I saw how cruel those fucks were. That shit will not fly in America. Imagine some chink trying to do that. In public in full view of everyone. Just for the chink to get a flavor. He would get smashed on so hard and so fast. I hope in China drivers get worse. And their construction gets worse than it is. What with random signs falling and shit. And escalators eating chinkos.
          Thanks for shedding light on why they do that. And just like you I don’t condone that.
          Peace brutha✌

          • I am confused. Your gramps does what ? Torches a live animal?

            Those chinese are fucked. I don’t believe any of that crap re endorphins. Stress releases chemicals that make meat taste bad. Even if it made meat taste like the sweetest pussy ,it should be banned by the gov. Uncivilised crap!

            Rape of Nanking was pretty bad . Japs were prime cunts!

  3. Chinese drivers are a menace everywhere. I’ve witnessed thousands of examples of Chinese (and Indian, their just as bad) turning with hour signalling, passive/aggressive (very slow, very fast, wreckless driving). No to mention elderly Chinese who decide to cross busy road walking bmvery slowly. In Toronto’s Spadina China Town, old Chinese women are forever being struck by street cars. As we’ve seen in past videos, Chinese people have two “settings” – apathetic, “don’t give a fuq” or manic, knife carrying killers.

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