Man Breaks Toe And Exposes The Bone

Man Breaks Toe And Exposes The Bone

This one is sooooo cringy. I think every single one of us has stubbed our pinky toe on a table leg, a door etc. and that shit hurts like a mother fucker. The guy in this video took toe injuries to the next level. He’s showing off some moves jumping and spinning in the air and on a double spin he lands on his foot wrong and fucks up his toe. Lucky for us they slow down the video so we can hear the crunch of his toe breaking as he lands. He handles it like a total badass though and just walks it off and says we have a little problem before showing the camera a close up of his toe. His little piggy is sticking straight up and you can see the bone peeking through. It would’ve been better if it had been his middle toe so he could’ve been flipping everyone off. I cry and reach high notes I never thought I was capable of when I stub my toe and this guy’s smiling all nonchalant. Props to him because my crybaby ass would still be on the ground rolling around like a bitch.

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    • We haven’t evolved enough yet out of useless toes. With wearing shoes for thousands of years we’d developed like those manequen feets. At least apes can eat with their feet ๐Ÿ’

        • @theluvmuscle Haha! A sloping forehead and thick brow might give it away. I saw this documentary about a woman born without arms. When she would shop for groceries people made snide comments about her handling the fruits and vegetables with her feet. As if life wasn’t hard enough for her. She said “Feet are like hands if you wash them”. And a Chinese man lost his thumb and they transplanted his second toe up there on his hand as a replacement. So I would have to say toes are useful other than looking at a nice set of freshly pedicured ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ha saw that chick and thought she was hot. I bet she gives epic foot jobs. Lol.

            But yeah that shit is pretty cool. There’s one guy named Mark Gofney. Plays guitar with his feet. @borntorun

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