Elderly Female Professor Dies Of Heart Attack On Live TV

On Monday morning, September 10, 2018.. Dr. Rita Jitendra.. professor and former secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art in Srinagar, India was speaking on a live broadcast of a local show called Good Morning J&K.. when she suddenly went into cardiac arrest. In the middle of the interview, Dr. Jitendra stopped talking and her eyes began to roll back in her head as she struggled to breathe. Nobody around her ran to her or tried to help her. I love how one of the host guys just looks at her like, “Really, bitch? You got some nerve dying on my live TV show.” She was pronounced dead on arrival not long after at a nearby hospital. The show continued on and finished normally because an old lady kickin’ the bucket on live TV ain’t no big deal.

21 thoughts on “Elderly Female Professor Dies Of Heart Attack On Live TV

  1. Nobody rushed to help her because no one knew first aid for a heart attack. Now if she had been dismembered by a train, drown for no reason or eaten by a crocodile, fallen through/off a shoddily built structure or been decapitated by a relative then everybody would know the proper emergency procedure. Film it. Everyone saw the camera rolling and figured either she was fine or she was already dead.

  2. Aw, look, a classic cardiac arrest. A classic eye roll, her already pasty face went dead pasty, she threw in a few agonal respirations for show and poof. That’s exactly the way I want to go. Well, unless that bitch Hurricane Florence doesn’t get me first. I live 40 miles from Wilmington, North Carolina, so my ass may be floating down the damn Cape Fear soon. I live one mile from the Cape Fear River. She has flooded out of her banks many times during hurricanes so we will just have to wait and see. I’m supposed to get 30 inches of rain and the wind will be hell. And tornados! WEEEEEEEE! What a way to go!

    • @borntorun Thank you so much! I stayed here and waited with bated breath. I am finally back up on the grid after six long, long days and nights. Thankfully, I was well prepared. With all the clouds, unless I had a light source on, I literally could not see my hand in front of my face. The winds were terrifying. I’ve never heard such a howl. There was a tornado two miles from here. The Cape Fear River (Elizabethtown, NC, one mile from me) is already flooding and there is much more water expected. I got 35.93 inches of rain here in Bladen County, and according to the NWS, it’s the highest amount anywhere from Hurricane Florence. I am safe for now. I have had the shutters pulled off the outside walls but pretty much everything else is intact. here. However, the hail and 100 mph winds literally ripped the paint off of parts of my car. I have no clue where one of the shutters wound up. I’ve lost all the food in my fridge and freezer, a small price to pay, all things considered. The hospital, which is only a two-minute drive from here, was dealt an unfortunate blow when their generator failed and they had to relocate all the patients to other hospitals or sending them to nursing homes or to their own homes. Thanks for the prayers. Every single word was heard and granted.

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