Woman Brutally Punched By Random Dude In UK

Gemma Mansfield, a 33-year-old mother of three was brutally beaten by 23-year-old Daniel Jarvis outside of her home in Leicester, England. Gemma was outside with her teenage son when Jarvis came onto her property and started beating her, landing multiple brutal punches right to her face. Earlier today, Tuesday, September 11th.. Jarvis was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for the assault. One day after Jarvis’ brother was sentenced to 33 years in prison for kidnapping and murdering a jeweller. Obviously crazy runs in the family.

55 thoughts on “Woman Brutally Punched By Random Dude In UK

  1. He was probably mad cuz he’s gonna have to burn his Nike jacket🤔…….. but seriously he’s a little bitch for beating on that woman, and an even bigger pussy for hitting her FOUR TIMES and still wasn’t able to knock her out! He should be embarrassed, and hats off to her for staying on her feet and saying a big fuck you to his weak ass hands! 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

      • Well I accept your apology @gorycory But if you could just start a pre-crime unit like in that Tom Cruise movie and build me a teleportation device and send me to all the locations of all violent crimes in the world there would be no need for me to state the Gore Shelf Life Quotient in the comments section and everyone would be happy. Well I would be, at least. And maybe I would sometimes film them. I mean, it doesn’t seem unreasonable so get on it Cory!

        • @thedudeabides
          😂😂😂😂 that might take awhile. Not sure our technology is quite there yet lol…. how bout i buy you a ticket to Brazil and call it even since half the world’s crimes are committed there anyway. Just stand on any street corner for a couple minutes and have your phone ready to record 😂👍🏼

          • @gorycory That’s very kind of you but I should let you know that I’m terrible with smartphone technology and by the time the videos got sent in they would technically be old again. You know what that old philosopher guy said, “Gore does not keep any better than fish.” Wait, what? Anyway, the offer is much appreciated but I think I’ll wait until the teleportor is ready.

  2. Sounds like Kentucky, she probably is guilty over something, cause woman doesn’t do no wrong, we don’t cheat, we are not gold diggers, and we don’t just think of ourselves, and we are not stupid cunts. So I’m going to bet for her having children and being single I’m going to say—— ding ,ding THE WINNER IS LOOKING FOR A NEW MAN THAT HER KIDS CALL “” DADDY!!”” So what do I win ??? A new car!! I love playing the game “”WOMAN ARE WHORES!!”” (ON a side note you can not purchase this game at Walmart, only Target )

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