Chinese Girl Jumps From Building And Makes A Loud Splat

A young Chinese girl committed suicide by jumping off of a building last week. The info I have says that the young woman had been diagnosed with several mental illnesses and had just gotten out of some type of mental institution. I’m not sure what kind of building this is.. her apartment building or just some random building, but she doesn’t really think twice about it. She sure did make a loud splat when she hit the ground though.

14 thoughts on “Chinese Girl Jumps From Building And Makes A Loud Splat

  1. What the fuck! There are better ways I can think of to off yourself…..heroin overdose,bullet to the head, getting run over by an Indian train to name a few. Jumping off a building in front of a bunch of screaming fans begs the observer to savor the moment especially the thud.

  2. There are those that scream only for the duration of the fall, then they immediately stop when they hear the spat! But you also have those post splat screams that almost sound like they were disappointed with the landing…. bitch if i jump for your viewing pleasure, i better get a goddamn standing ovation! 😡😡😡

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