Three High School Students Electrocuted In Mexico

On Monday, September 3, 2018.. three students were electrocuted when they touched a mercurial light pole during a flood in the Quinta Colonial neighborhood in Apodaca, Mexico. The first kid to touch the pole was a 12-year-old boy. He was immediately electrocuted and went down into the water. Not knowing they too would be shocked if they tried to save the boy, two more students tried to help and were electrocuted as well. A young girl manages to pull one of the boys away without getting shocked herself. One of the students did end up dying but I am not sure if it was the 12-year-old or the boy who tried to save him. What did we learn today? Let the person who is electrocuted in water drown unless you wanna die too.

15 thoughts on “Three High School Students Electrocuted In Mexico

  1. WTF??
    They went down like sacks of potatos!
    Ok! Why were they not all electrocuted just for even being IN the water? Why only when they touched the pole?

    Anyone know? Engineer? Electrician ? physicist?

    I thought current would flow throughout whole body of water and electrocute all !!

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