More Idiots Playing With Guns

More Idiots Playing With Guns

Why are people so dumb? These are the types that should never be allowed anywhere near a gun. As you can see in the video, the guy’s right foot is bandaged up and bloody because he just got out of the hospital after being shot in the foot. So what does he decide to do after his little trip? Play round two of Russian roulette with his so called friend. The uninjured guy takes the first shot then it’s dumbass’ turn but nothing. The first guy takes a second shot and it’s a hit (literally) in the guy’s left foot. So now he’s been shot twice, once in each foot after just getting out of the hospital. I can’t even deal with this level of stupidity.

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  1. Repost of a comment that fits here, too…

    He will trip down to the county hospital where he’ll garner $15,000 in medical bills that taxpayers will wind up paying for…

    Like Chicago. 50 non-insured ghetto monkeys get shot this Saturday. All get taken to the county/city hospitals. From minor wounds (stitches etc) at around $2000 to complex (multiple surgeries, paralysis etc) at $500,000+, do the math…the local governments will be bankrupt soon with just that expense.

    Idiocy has a price.

  2. Waving a gun around too. That could’ve been worse. Or since they would be dead. It could’ve been better. Better for the world without them. This level of retarded. This is idiocracy. I mean not even da silvas. Have exhibited that foolishness. When they shoot someone in the foot. It’s usually for a reason. These idiots are disgusting.

  3. I truly do hate people like these idiots.For one, I doubt they have jobs, so they probably don’t have insurance. So they do a stupid stunt like this and go to an already overburdened and underfunded hospital for treatment. They don’t pay for it, and tie up resources that could be used to help someone truly in need. Especially for this clown who was just treated for the same stupid stunt. If I were his attending doc, I would refuse to help his ass.

    I aint no saint, but I also aint no dummy. I used to live a risky life long ago as many of you know as I’ve talked about it before here. But I also had the sense eventually to look at my past bad behavior and change it. I particularly educated myself on the civil rights movement, and the sacrifices those before me made in order to help my generation and beyond. I changed my life and try my best to be a good example for my kids.

    Believe it or not, there is a movement here in the US among us folk who want to progress and leave a better community for those who come after us. Part of the strategy is to disassociate ourselves from the hood rats, neer-do-wells, gang bangers, and coons that (like crabs in a bucket) bring our people down. You simply cannot save people with those kinds of traits or attitudes.

    Welfare RUINED our people. Before that, we had a much stronger sense of community. The family unit was in tact much more than it is today. Even with Segregation, and other laws designed to keep a foot on our necks, at least the family unit was strong. But the welfare system, among other things, took away from many of us our dignity, and strong core family values. We want to cast OUT people like these idiots from our group. Rid ourselves of those who have no drive to improve. Sooner or later, these idiots will be dead (if they aren’t already). And for what? Facebook and YouTube likes. Pfffffffffft They get no sympathy from me.

    • ……?But the welfare system, ((among other things,)) took away from many of us our dignity, and strong core family values. We want to cast OUT people like these ….

      To my mind, Key words “among other things”.
      Ip. I will say something some- including yourself – may think is controversial .

      As you know we do not have significant black communities here nor do I have much experience with them. The only black people I have really seen here are from Africa and usually educated etc We now have Sudanese refugees here who with the best of help still act like ghetto types we see on TV living in America.

      Now ,my point is that I believe three things are at fault.

      One,black people have lost their community spirit because of the migrations to cities post- WWII. As you know ,the civil rights activists were children of people who grew up in small towns or rural point is they still had community spirit.nowadays, i preasume most troubled black people have no bond to community because all they and their parents know are “projects”.

      Two,black gang banger ,gangwarfare music and culture. All it shows is that it is a winner takes all approach. Th winner gets the gold necklaces ,the hott bitches ,the cars etc the losers ,do not get a mention. Point is, in rural areas ,sixties black culture ,everyone helped each other ,everyone was roughly the same ,everyone knew one day,you are up ,the next day ,down. Projects life I presume is get out of this mess and fuck the hindmost! So my point is “black”music,which, I admit also like sometimes is destructive to black people.

      Three,simply the fact that projects life makes it too easy for black men to fuck them and leave them. Rural life makes it harder for a man to fuck and honourably leave a woman with child.Also ,rural life gives a man more dignity. He does not have a job? So what!! He goes out and hoes ,plants,nails,chops wood etc. In the projects? He has four walls to look at and fuckwits to advise him and lead him astray.Also rural life entailed an extended family to advise and guide. Projects ,usually just a frazzled mother.

      Anyway,just my thoughts and i hope it does not offend you or anyone else. You know I am not particularly racist about black people.


      • Not offended at all. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s still truth. Some of what you say is accurate. but there are some variables you missed. For one, the music we create doesn’t really have an effect on our lives one way or another. At least not in any significant way as far as this discussion goes anyway. Blacks invented Rock music. Rap, Jazz. Who likes most of each genre of music the most? White people. And it doesn’t much effect them in the manner we are discussing here either. Just like video games or any other artform. What I imagine you’re talking about is “Gangsta Rap”. That’s just ONE genre of rap. Those who are successful in that area are very few. But it’s that genre that gets the most attention, because that’s the one that most of the violence (in entertainment) is. Even when you take cities like Chicago AKA (Chi-raq) colloquially, Most of the violence is by a small percentage of the Black population. But the violence they are involved in is also the most destructive, brutal, senseless, and gets the most attention. Music has no more effect on our behavior than say video games has on White folks behavior.

        When Lyndon Johnson declared a so called “War On Poverty” in the US, his intentions were well meaning. It was a multifaceted program intended to help poor people to get ahead. The problem was that we ended up surrendering our dignity to the government. They provided housing, food, and programs that although were instituted with good intent, made the poor dependent on the government for everything. It was the Civil Rights era. America was the richest and arguably most powerful Super Power in the world. Blacks could finally vote. Laws were changing. Affirmative Action and the like. As I stated, all with good intentions. But successive administrations like the Nixon administration were hostile to the black community. And although our communities still had it’s problems, whereas under Johnson (mostly because of his wife Lady “Bird” Johnson the government intended to help blacks get jobs and housing, Nixon had disdain for blacks. And those housing, work, and food programs were used to trap blacks in concentrated areas, keep them dependent on the government, and instituted laws and programs designed to CRUSH the black population. Ergo, the “War On Drugs” and similar policies.

        Nixon officials later ADMITTED to the fact that he intended to destroy our family units by locking away as many black fathers as they can. Keep our women and children dependent on the government, and turn the sentiments of whites against us. And when organizations like the Black Panther party were established and successful, the government used programs like “Co-Inetl-Pro” to infiltrate and destroy anything blacks did that tried to wrest control of our families, futures, and our lives from the government, and keep us subservient to the government. The used entities like the FBI and others to accomplish this goal.

        And by the time blacks were hip to the fact that the so called “assistance” was a sham, it was simply too late. The downward spiral had already been in full swing. And to this day, we are STILL SLAVES. That mentality is so embedded in our society that many of us have no understanding of how things USED to be when we had healthy, in tact homes with both parents raising our children.

        • Absolutely right. I was talking about gangsta rap and yes it is ironic that Nixon was a Yankee and against Blacks and Johnson was a Southerner yet his policies favoured Blacks. Strange indeed.
          Nixon was also the best “Democrat”president the USA had in ages. He actually brought in many policies that helped the Middle Class and shocked die-hard Rebublicans.
          I hated them both and I am not even American.

          The last US president I liked? You will laugh….FDR .before him Taft and FDR -cousin Teddy Roosevelt. One Dem and the last two Repubs.

          • Aside from being extremely racist, both FDR and Teddy were both very interesting Presidents. Especially Teddy most def from the old school. Probably one of the last if not last true “frontier” presidents from a time that is still romanticized for being wide open to exploration in both North and South America. Finished building the Panama Canal when he became president after Mckinley was assassinated. He didn’t just give orders, Roosevelt actually got his hands dirty. Both of them did. Now try getting a president who is a contemporary of ours to so much as go camping in the back of the White House, good luck with that. Even with our Secret Service protecting him, he still wouldn’t do it lol.

            And yeah, about Nixon. I cannot STAND that clown. He had the nerve to disparage my people for simply wanting to be recognized under the Constitution as being human. While he certainly was the “crook” he tried so hard to convince us he wasn’t And Trump may be just as bad. What a fuckig joke he is. An immature little bitch, playing tough guy yet scared of his own shadow. Running our country into the ground. While his supporters running around like zombies in their blind devotion. Embarrassing us at every turn, while Putin sticks his hand so far up Trumps ass, you can’t tell where the puppett ends and the man-child begins.

            Did you know that fucker wanted to assassinate the fucking President of Syria? He doesn’t realize how much of an idiot he is. Or what the cost in US AND Syrian lives would be. Not to mention our allies and Russia. He’s gonna get us all killed.

      • Of course, I am leaving a lot out, but wanted to list a few examples of real world shit to give you an idea of what the real bigger picture is here in the US. The point is that black people had solid family units for almost the complete period of time we have been on this continent. Only recently, in the last couple generations or so has it been different in significant numbers. But now we have an opportunity to change things back to the way they used to be. We have much more access to education and jobs. We have many more freedoms. And our power as a community would be vast if we just worked together like other races do.

        We have a collective buying power of 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR here in the US. That aint chump change. That’s real money that we could use to better our community. Contrary to the stereotypes, most of us DO work and are NOT JUST sitting at home on welfare. But a sizeable minority of us disproportionately are. Or work but get some assistance to supplement our incomes, just like a good number of white people do in the US as well. One in 50 of us are millionaires. We even have a few billionaires. Now, those numbers aren’t anything even close to how whites have it. But it’s a start. The real issue is that we don’t use our money collectively to create even more millionaires and billionaires. Very few of us make it to become successful and then turn around and help others reach the same goal. Asians, Whites, Jews, etc all help their own. Lebron James recently opened a school with free college tuition. He also provides jobs and job training for those kids parents. And assistance with food and housing to go with. Imagine if more of us did that? Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey? Pffffffffft, they could care less, and are two of the most wealthy people not just among blacks but in the whole US.

  4. I thought people were BURNING their Nikes, not shooting them 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

    I’m pretty sure this video is fake. You can see the cut in the video right before there’s suddenly a ton of blood under his foot, but it’s still funny tho, and i’m sure there really are people this stupid in this world 🙄

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