Motorcyclist Gets A Ride On The Back Of A Car

Motorcyclist Gets A Ride On The Back Of A Car

This is a quick funny video of a guy on a motorcycle driving along the carpool lane on a busy highway. Now, even though he’s one guy on a motorcycle in the carpool lane that is supposedly legal in some states. So as he’s riding down the highway a car pulls into his lane across the double yellow lines and he hits the back of their car. After the impact he flips over his bike and lands on the trunk of the car and they keep driving along like they’re completely unaware they’ve been hit and he has to pound on the car to get them to stop. He goes off on the driver who looks a little high and I see a phone in his lap so maybe he was doing a little texting while driving. The motorcyclist is understandably pissed although I will say I didn’t see him try to brake to avoid hitting the car but maybe I missed that.

15 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Gets A Ride On The Back Of A Car

  1. Why people make the mistake of getting closer to mental retards like that then claim they have the right to yell to them of anything? I learn from other’s mistakes at least, so I don’t go near ANYONE that has erratic behaviour, and this guy just slams on the back of his car and goes yelling at him like he will ever listen to whatever the fuck hes saying and care any bit. 😐

  2. No doubt that fool was high. He is completely detached from the reality he’s in. And his passenger might be geeking too. If I was the biker, I would get his license plate and get away from that driver. Drug users are too unpredictable, and the biker doesn’t know if that idiot has a weapon in the vehicle.

  3. Oblivious driver notwithstanding, perhaps fucktards on motorcycles who cruise along at twice the speed limit should rethink that strategy when surrounded by 2 ton metal objects. Mr biker is way too self righteous. Show the vid to a cop. I dare you, Evil Kanevel. The guy in the car will get a minor infraction for a careless lane change. You are going to jail for that kind of speed.

  4. Just for kicks, the driver of the car should’ve kept going just to see if the biker would jump off, keep pounding the windshield or grab on to the top of the car Lethal Weapon style.
    The driver could always say he didn’t know the guy was on his car.

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