Man Dies After He Jumps Out Of Burning Building

The videos that creep me out the most of 9/11 were always the jumper vids. People jumping to their deaths to escape an even worse death in a burning building. I cannot even imagine what must go through someone’s head when they make that choice. But this man had to make it. This happened in Finland. I’m not sure if this is an apartment building or a business or what but the fire has consumed the room it started in. A man is shown by the same window that has flames raging out of it. He climbs over the ledge and lets go, sending him straight to the ground. The fall ended up killing the man and I’m not surprised considering the loud thud sound his body made as it hit the ground. Maybe he thought he might survive the fall.. either way, burning alive would be my last choice.

8 thoughts on “Man Dies After He Jumps Out Of Burning Building

  1. Perhaps he thought he could swing down to the floor below? But he sure misjudged it
    I agree with Nextie. I cant imagine having to make that choice, but I guess it was no different than when serving in the middle east, and we all vowed we would fight to our last bullet – which we would save for ourselves. Fuck being tortured and beheaded.

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