Mouthy Instagram Comedian Mike Ruga Gets The Shit Beat Out Of Him

Mike Ruga, a so-called “Instagram comedian” just got his ass kicked pretty good. Mike is this punk ass douchebag from New Jersey who talks a lot of shit on a regular basis. Apparently, Mike had sex with another guy’s girlfriend and the guy found out about it and then went on a search for Mike. Well, he found him.. and beat his ass. Ruga looks terrified jumping around like that. The guy ended up sending him to the ER afterwards, and Mike did put up a funny little vid of him coming out of the hospital all bandaged up and on crutches claiming he “fell”. I wonder what happened to the cheating hoe though.

17 thoughts on “Mouthy Instagram Comedian Mike Ruga Gets The Shit Beat Out Of Him

    • I totally agree. Yellow shoe boy has zero fight skill. Ruga has -5 skill.

      Shoe boy only had reach which was advantageous because Ruga kept backing up because he was scared.

      Thankfully I only fight with the Taco Bell fountain drink dispenser. Is it me or are they all jacked up at every location?

      • Lesser known underrated fighting tactic. I’m sure brother IPconfig knows this. Is instead of backing up. Tie up with your opponent. Shoot in and get double under hooks. And get his ass to the ground. Do that until opponent tires him self out. Hit that guy when he’s on the ground.

        • Yup, close the distance and take his power from him. Most people don’t know that because most are scared of getting hurt so they instinctively back away. Probably turning your back is the only worse tactic. Or wind milling like a couple of homos.

          • Yeah, “ground and pound” is my style. Long time since I’ve had to do that though. I’m no boxer. But is is kind of fuckedwhen you got the guys 3 buddies standing around you as well.

        • My buddy blucon said he was doing some Krav Maga training. I youtubed some of the videos. A sweet move, swipe their face to the side as you land a hard punch to the soft part of the cheek, nice! But, right, anything to knock their ass to the ground, like a head butt to the gut and pull up on both legs.

          • Yeah come in and tackle them down. Close that distance. Turning one’s back is suicide. Even in the ring where there’s a ref. That is still a fatal error. Having his buddies there sucks. I’m betting if he dropped that guy. They most likely woulda jumped him. I’m almost certain that they would’ve. Most don’t fight fair unless they have too.
            Gotta catch them slipping by themselves. With their friends most guys will never fight fair.
            Krav maga is a good place to start. The key word in martial arts is WAR arts.

  1. Or you know…just…shot him. Thats what I had to do once. Someone tried to attack me and I put a bullet in his ass. Little faggot was crying like a bitch, totally not the tough guy he was 10 seconds ago. God bless America and the right to bear arms.

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