Asian Driver Drives Like Asian

Asian Driver Drives Like Asian

This is gonna come as a shock…..but Asians are pretty bad drivers. Yes, I’m making a generalization but I think there’s enough evidence to support my claim. This is case number 1,497,296,032 of bad driving from our mathematically gifted friends. The footage is from the dashcam of the crappy driver who’s speeding along a two lane freeway in the fast lane. There’s a truck in the right lane that they seem determined to pass. The truck comes into their lane a little and I guess their plan was to get on the side of the highway to pass but as they get behind the truck, the reason the driver moved towards the center is clear as there’s a car off to the side. At their speed it all happens so quick and they don’t even break before hitting not only the stopped vehicle but also the people who were standing behind it. I think it’s safe to say at least two of those guys are dead.

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  1. Was that not the weirdest delay for the parked car to start coasting away after being nailed like that?

    Guess my Mongolian Beef will take longer to be ready after I place my call tonight. It’s hard to flip the rice in the wok when you’re in a wheelchair and one arm is in a sling.

  2. You would have thought the truck moving over would have been a clue! I don’t know if it’s generally law in most places to move over for emergency vehicles, but isn’t it common sense to move over (if you can) when there’s anyone disabled in the breakdown lane??? I don’t know if I’m being overly sensitive to this because I lost a high school friend years ago changing a tire in the breakdown lane and a good friend a few months ago loading a disabled car onto his tow truck. I’d venture to say 90% of the time you have the ability to safely move over, though it may require slowing down, etc so why is it so fucking difficult to do? It takes all of a few seconds, you can move right back and you may have saved a life! And yet I see people fly right past cops, tow trucks, people with their disabled cars without a second thought. And despite moving over being a law here, don’t think that if someone is killed by a person not moving over that they are going to jail. The POS that killed my friend in April got off with NOTHING. And as if it wasn’t bad enough, she couldn’t go away quietly. An hour after being left off she made a public post on FB to the song “Can’t Touch This” as if nobody would see it.
    Sorry for the rant!!! I’m not making PSA by any means but your moving over can literally save a person’s life.

      • @trustme thank you. Believe me, I’m no poster child for doing the right thing, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life. but moving over is something so friggen simple, costs nothing, takes seconds to do and could literally be the difference between life and death and yet people still don’t do it. You’ll move your shopping carriage in a crowded aisle to avoid hitting someone else but not a 2,000 pound machine? 🤨🙄

        • Yeah it’s the same with drunk driving. How hard is it not to drink and drive? It’s really like playing with a gun. It takes a diabolical being, to get behind the wheel when they’re drunk.

          It doesn’t take much to steer to the side. And also not have a lead foot and speed. I wonder do those jerks have a conscious? Like the driver who killed these people. Do they have any remorse in their soul? The garbage you mentioned sounds disgusting. Putting up the mc hammer meme.
          Wow that is a terrible person
          @Lillith Ravenna

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