Drunk Russian Man Crashes Into Two Ladies And Keeps Going

Sorry for no posts guys. Obviously, we don’t have too many writers around anymore and I’ve been incredibly busy. Hopefully, things will slow down with me and I can post more often because this is kind of ridiculous on my part. Anywho, a 28-year-old drunk man in Tartarstan, Russia.. was driving after having wayyyy too much to drink when he ran a red light and hit two female pedestrians who were in the crosswalk. The man never once stopped to check on the women but crashed again not too far away from where the two pedestrians were hit. He got out of his car and staggered around but couldn’t even stand up straight. Witnesses forced him to the ground and detained him until police arrived. The two women were pronounced dead at the scene. The man faces up to nine years in prison.

16 thoughts on “Drunk Russian Man Crashes Into Two Ladies And Keeps Going

  1. Damn hit the fuck out of them.
    They should castrate that bastard.
    Anyone who drinks and drives, is a royal piece of shit.
    And deserves to be lynched to death.
    I mean these poor ladies families.
    Losing them cause of some drunk prick.😣

  2. Not removing blame from the driver (in fact, 9 years seems way too lenient for two deaths) but FFS, when will pedestrians learn to LOOK before walking out of a blind spot? We see them all the time just walking out past one stopped car without even pausing to check the next lane.

  3. I feel bad for the older lady who was obviously relying on the younger lady to get her safely across the street.
    You’d think she’d be more cautious in that situation, she failed just like the drink idiot did.

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