Boulder Slams Through Window Of Bus and Hits Driver

Last week in China, a bus transporting several passengers was hit by a boulder that came flying through the window. The boulder busted the window and hit the driver of the bus twice, once when it busted through the window and again after it bounced off of the seat. The driver was brought to a local hospital with minor injuries to his head, neck and back but is recovering well. I have no info on how this actually happened. Whether they were in a location where the rock fell from something or if it was intentionally thrown.

11 thoughts on “Boulder Slams Through Window Of Bus and Hits Driver

  1. Freak accidents ,mishaps , misfortunes mischances ……tragedies ,disasters catastrophes, contretemps you name it when it comes to China .
    All drivers and occupants in China are hereby advised to be with the headgear whenever they wish undertaking long /short travels or run the risk of getting bludgeoned or getting battered as the boulders come as flippity as the chinkies themselves.

    Even the rocks are finicky

  2. Sort of gives the phrase getting stoned new meaning! 🤣
    On a more serious note, I think God is really stepping up his game. Even he seemed to be a little bored with the countless “mishaps” upon the Patel Express. This one deserves a 9.7 on the creativity and originality alone, never mind the flawless execution.

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