Female Thief Gets Caught By Mousetrap

This isn’t gory but I thought it was funny and you gotta love when instant karma is dished out. In Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.. a couple, Seu Oswaldo and Dona Vanda, have owned a local store for over 25 years. Recently, they started missing money from their cash drawer and had no idea who might be stealing from them, so they decided to try to catch the thief. They set up a mousetrap on a string and put it in the cash drawer along with a camera pointing at the drawer. Well, lo and behold ..the thief was their good friend. The thief, a woman, is shown casually talking to the couple as she tries to slip her hand into the cash drawer without them noticing… then boom. You hear the mousetrap snap onto her fingers. I cannot believe this bitch didn’t scream. I have had a mousetrap close on my fingers and I cried like a wuss. I guess she knew she better keep quiet or say hello to prison. She gets the trap off her fingers and slides it back into the cash drawer. But the man had evidently heard the mousetrap go off and he walked over and shut the drawer and grabbed the camera.

The woman confessed to stealing from the owners and apologized for it. They decided not to turn her into police but they did even worse to her. They uploaded the video to the internet. That’s what you get, you thievin’ ass hoe.

12 thoughts on “Female Thief Gets Caught By Mousetrap

  1. Haha, that text at the end of the video translates into, “Have you prayed for someone today?” 😂😂😂

    No, but i caught a bitch tryna steal my money! 😑

  2. Ha, ha ! alright , alright !! just what made her think she’s gonna go on with the loot in perpetuity. Come to think of it its funny how she often dared belling two cats together and made good with the cash in the vault without the couple even noticing anything cause she was some so called bitchy witchy friend .
    But as we all know KARMA is such a goddamn bitch ….she should have known that it always bites back ..and bites back it does; real bad.
    Well as it turns out now the the big human mouse is no more than a louse .

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