Tower Falls In The Wrong Direction And Crushes Inexperienced Operator

A newly hired heavy machinery operator was attempting to knock down a tower with a Hitachi excavator in India. Really? Hitachi makes something other than wands? Anywho, I cut out about 3 minutes of the man just fucking around with the excavator, but as he is attempting to knock the tower down… it falls in the wrong direction and lands right on the operator, crushing him. The men around help dig him out and carry his unconscious body out of the rubble. The man looks pretty bad and I am pretty sure he is already dead, but no official word on his condition was released.

30 thoughts on “Tower Falls In The Wrong Direction And Crushes Inexperienced Operator

  1. So I guess the operator and everybody else standing around thought pushing the tower that low was gonna make it fall the other way.
    No common sense or I guess none of them have ever chop a tree down over there before.

  2. Lazy bastard just snoring away! That’s what he gets for sleeping on the job. 😑
    But seriously, if he aint dead yet, that sleep apnea is gonna be the end of him if he don’t get one of those sleeping masks 🤨

  3. The Hitachi Wand is a Japanese tool and most likely too high tech for the Indians to handle. Would you choose to chop out the towers leg directly facing you first, or, perhaps, the leg off to the side first? Common sense is becoming a lost art in some places. But, being “THE MAN” in India, with the biggest wand in sight, is just too much for some Indian guys to handle. He was a huckleberry.

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