Chinese Man Hacks Another Man Up With Machete

I don’t really know what’s going on here because no info came with the video, but a man with a machete is shown walking up to a guy that’s lying on the ground. He chops at the man’s neck several times before he walks away. I don’t know if the victim was sleeping or if the machete man had already gotten to him before the video started, which is what I am assuming happened. The video then cuts to the bloodied body and a policeman guarding it. I think I saw that same policeman backing away from the scene right before the man starts chopping away at the victim. It also looks to me like the victim was decapitated but I can’t say for sure. Maybe you guys can see better than me, I’m half blind.

11 thoughts on “Chinese Man Hacks Another Man Up With Machete

  1. I’ll say his heads still attached because there was still leg movement on the last chop.
    I guess that cop didn’t have a gun because it would’ve been the perfect time to shoot him when he charged him.

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