Man Is Attacked And Stabbed With Swords

I actually thought this was a joke at first but clearly it wasn’t. Several guys are in a room that looks like a dorm room or maybe it’s a prison, I don’t know. But the guys all have swords and they start attacking another guy with the weapons. They stab him several times in the legs as he screams and attempts to fight them off while his legs are bleeding. They get in a few good stabs before he somehow gets away from them. No idea what he did to piss them all off so much but nice choice of weapon.

Thanks Pinky!

16 thoughts on “Man Is Attacked And Stabbed With Swords

  1. This is what they do in the holding places while they await their asylum status for residency in the US. We need people like this to prop up the liberal left voting base with illegals voting in our elections. They’ll take a stab at getting in at least 10 fake votes per illegal.

  2. So who needs to make a shiv out of toothpaste and toillet paper when i can carry around a sword in prison? Also , it must save the gov a fortune allowing all these mongrels to walk around in free-dress.

    Don’t worry about having cohesion ,authority and instant recognition via a uniform!

    I had to pay a gold- coin donation to be allowed to dress like that on “free -dress” day in high school!

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