Young Woman’s Killers Post Death Photo On Her Own Facebook

I don’t have much info about this. Just that the young woman’s name was Ahnylleeb Sepool II and she was from Brazil. She was in her early twenties and married. She was killed last week and after her murder, her killers logged into her Facebook from her phone and uploaded a photo of the girl decapitated for all of her friends and family to see. And as of right now the photo is still up on her Facebook. Way to go, Facebook.

30 thoughts on “Young Woman’s Killers Post Death Photo On Her Own Facebook

  1. My, that certainly is a low blow, but devilishly ingenious, use the victim’s phone to post an unflattering death pic on their own page. Yes ma’am, FB is pure evil.

    • Getting your head cut off in such a manner usually tells me that this particular individual snitched… On a gang or something of that nature so this is a lesson for all you loose lips folks out there who can’t shut up… Don’t snitch!

  2. She was from Rio de Janeiro. Married to a drug dealer from the “favela”. The family knows who killed her but doesnt wanna talk, of fear. It was probably some gang rival or the husband himself (for cheating). I don’t care at all for these bitches, this is what happens when you get involved with this kind of people and drug trafficking.

    • I used to deal and rob other dealers cuz it ain’t like they can go to the police. But I’m done with that shit. I am surprised I lived this long. That or being locked up for a long ass stretch of time. The game got no love for nobody. I got out but I paid a serious price. My girl friend died right next to me. It fucked me up bad to see her like that. I hated myself for a long time still do some times. Never going back. I work a dead end ass job but I’m okay with that.

  3. Damn you FB! You couldn’t wait until I woke up from my little 7 hour cat-nap to take it down?! It seems like I’m missing absolutely everything lately – the Titanic sinking, the end of the 80s and first couple years of the 90s, my period once, Woodstock, those silly sink or swim tests for witches during the Salem Witch Trials (there was no way I was gonna float), the guy crossing the street in front of my car just now because I was on my phone intently composing this post, and about a million more things I could go on and on and on about. But I believe Ms. Ahnylleeb Sepool II is trying to tell me something here. A valuable lesson for all of us actually. So valuable in fact, she felt the lesson needed to be expressed in an impactful, memorable way. A physical demonstration that cut to the bone would be a lesson no one wouldn’t soon forget. And for that we thank you Ms. Ahnylleeb Sepool II. You taught me, no, all of us, today that no matter what we miss in life, important as it may seem, that a person will always end up missing their mind (or head in your case) the most.
    PS Ms. Ahnylleeb Sepool II
    I’ll admit I never thought I would learn anything from a Brazilian and this was a tricky one that took me a bit to figure out. I was about to say “I’ve half a mind to start taking 6 hour cat-naps” so I don’t keep missing out on everything but thought you might have mistakenly thought I was offering 1/2 of mine to help with you losing all of yours. And it was then I realized the lesson! You get an A for the ingenuity of the lesson however I think the whole decapitation thing to demonstrate how one will always miss his mind the most above all things, was a bit much, so I give it a C/D as in still a Cool Decapitation. Bravo Ms. Ahnylleeb Sepool II, Bravo! Well played!

  4. Getting your head cut off in such a manner usually tells me that this particular individual snitched… On a gang or something of that nature so this is a lesson for all you loose lips folks out there who can’t shut up… Don’t snitch!

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