Woman Kills Herself And Her Little Girl By Laying In Front Of Train

A 24-year-old woman named Renuka Yadav committed suicide by lying in front of a train in Bhayander, India. But the dumb bitch didn’t do it alone, she chose to take her 3-year-old daughter, Aarohi, with her. Apparently, Renuka claimed her husband was abusing her and on the day of her death she got into a fight with him. Police think that’s what triggered her to do what she did. Her husband was arrested for abetment and cruelty.

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16 thoughts on “Woman Kills Herself And Her Little Girl By Laying In Front Of Train

  1. Typical woman. Probably having custody issues; Dad won’t just go away except for sending money, so she decides to give the biggest “fuck you” of all and kill the child while leveling false accusations at the father. Now he’s gotta deal with lies and courts while mourning his kid! I hope this cunt is burning in hell where she belongs!

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  2. I wish people would think about things longer before they do it. She could go to the police, run away, poison him, kill him in his sleep, hire a hitman, etc. That baby girl could’ve grown up to have a great and productive life, now she doesn’t get the chance.

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