Bloody Guy Shot In The Face

Bloody Guy Shot In The Face

Oh the violence in the world, how it entertains us so. Hopefully, one of our awesome translators can help us out but the victim is already a bloody mess giving a little speech, not sure what about. Looks like he’s been beaten up pretty good and then he gets shot multiple times in his face. There’s flip flops galore before the cameraman goes back to the dead guy who looks like a damn fountain with blood squirting out of his head. One man tries shooting him again but is out of bullets so another steps in to help but I’m pretty sure he’s already dead. Seems a bit overkill…literally.

Thank you MrsPink!!!

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14 thoughts on “Bloody Guy Shot In The Face

  1. Im pretty sure we had this video in here already… because I remember translating this one… 😐
    But anyways:

    Guy – “I’m here ripping my CV (comando vermelho) shirt to enter the Guardians of the State (Guardiões do Estado), GDE.”
    Random dude – “May this go well!”
    Guy – “May this go well…”
    Camera dude – “Do you know the name of your godfather from CV?”
    Guy – “The name of my godfather is Sissão (or Cissão or whatever), from CV.”
    Camera dude – “He’s a crook…”
    (everybody starts to talk at the same time, the Guy says something I (still) don’t understand but apparently the name “Sissão/Cissão” has triggered them since it seems to be one of the main “bosses” from Comando Vermelho, so they shot him)
    Randome dude – “Give it to me, give it, give it, give it!”
    Random dude 2 – “No, no, enough enough, it’s low on ammo, it’s low on ammo!”
    (some random irrelevant and repeated shit)
    Everyone – “What the hell, dude!?”
    (then some more random talking I can barelly understand)

  2. From the accent, i presume they’re from Nordeste here in Brazil. Usually they kill each other with machetes and knives that they call “peixeiras”. This guy wasnt just anyone to get killed by a gun, i guess he was respected somehow.

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