Nut On A Dick

It’s not enough for you guys to put weird stuff up your asses but now your putting weird stuff around your weiners? Wtf? This dude thought it was a great idea to put a nut around his dick… that is until it got stuck and he had to take a trip to the ER. The doctors in the ER couldn’t figure out a way to remove the nut, so they resorted to using a grinder. I don’t have a dick but even I’m getting nervous with that grinder that close to Mr. Winky. Hopefully, the doctor was able to get the nut off of the man because guess what the next step is gonna be? Snip, snip.✂️

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28 thoughts on “Nut On A Dick

  1. I guarantee I’m not the most blessed male on RGM. I can’t imagine a nut going over my weinus unless it’s double that size. Did he not know about the threads inside the nut? I think that all the needed was a 11mm socket on a 1/4 drive. Not even a deep well socket needed. Just reverse that thing right off and then you also have him with tiger striping.

    Thank you @yournextexgirl for making me feel better about myself.

  2. If it’s just blood in the penis preventing it from coming off, why not get a syringe, poke the prick and drain the blood until it deflates enough to slither on back through the hole?
    It sounds like a nutty thing to do, but it’s gotta be way better than having it cut off, then he’ll really be screwed.

    • @derkopfsammler I think that [depending on which country the incident/video is from, of course] the doctor/metal worker would be too wary of a suing to damage the dicks dick…. by cutting, anyway.
      BUT – While i watched the whole of this video, i was thinking – that metal nut is gonna be getting REALLY fucking hot due to the friction from that grinder disk !?! – the water being applied would only have minimal & short acting effect to the contrary.

      SO @Der, i think that your justified hope for an injury will probably come to pass – – – although rather than a “cut”, the dicks dick is gonna be sporting a nice set of thread-shaped burn scars – which if you were to think about it would be VERY funny to see….would look just like the idiot had screwed a hot nut onto his dick

      Unfortunately, no “after” photos.
      Not yet anyway?
      But the blisters…for the lords sake, imagine the blisters!!!! 😉

  3. I agree it’s not a very big nut, poor little guy… And I’ll just bet you it feels a lot tinier right now… Personally I think they should just thread the thing off of there like a bolt… Reason being that afterwards and after it’s all healed from being stitched up at all it’s going to leave some wierd looking spiral scars all the way up his penis and that’s going to cause it to be a fantastic sex toy for some lucky lady… Stupid Parts already been done …now what to do with it… I know , let’s get creative!!!

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