Motorcycle Accident Ends Up With Body Stuck In Tree

Usually we get street smears or cars on top of bodies, but never do we get a body up in a tree. But that’s exactly what happened here. A man on a motorcycle was hit by a car and sent flying through the air when he landed upside down in a tree. It looks like everyone around is beyond fasinated by the body in the tree. They’re all snapping pics and probably uploading them to their Instagram stories. I would.

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8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident Ends Up With Body Stuck In Tree

  1. You mean to tell me that guy flew on impact all the way where his motorcycle was to then get intertwined into the tree branches?! Musta been a hellava impact to have his body airborne what, a solid 50 feet up?! Wow, too bad there’s no video of the actual accident. Woulda loved to have seen that…

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