Girl Gets Her Ass Beat And Her Hair Cut

I was a dramatic little troublemaker during my teenage years and I can’t even count how many fights I stupidly got into thinking I was some badass. And I got my ass kicked several times. 🙄 But if THIS would’ve happened to me.. if some bitch would’ve pulled out some scissors and started chopping my hair… I would’ve made her eat those scissors even if I had to wait til she was asleep to do it. This girl gets her ass kicked while topless, and just sits there while another girl is attempting to cut her hair. It doesn’t look like like Ms. I-wanna-be-a-hairstylist can even cut anything, so some dude jumps in. I can’t imagine what this was about. Wait, yes I can. Probably some punk ass boy.

Thanks @Mrspink!

14 thoughts on “Girl Gets Her Ass Beat And Her Hair Cut

  1. Damn it’s a shithole over there.
    Not alot of class to be seen.
    Just a bunch of trashy looking clods.
    Damn she fell on her dirty pillows.
    Don’t look like they cushioned the fall much.
    As the brunt of it was on her face.

  2. If I was getting drug around like a caveman’s bitch, I don’t think I would be worried about my titties showing.

    Maybe the best reason to not live in a 3rd world country is that we have Fiskars here that can cut any damn thing you can throw at it. The other theory I have is someone knowingly gave her left handed scissors. Maybe the girl receiving the beat down has a mutual friend with the aspiring Ronda Rousey. Left handed scissors are the cruel joke of this world.

  3. You’ve gotta be kidding me, this is the land of machetes and nobody had one to help out?
    I almost forgot, they don’t sharpen their shit down there, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

  4. Can’t even understand what they are trying to say, they look like they are speaking brazilian, but in such a confusing dialect… “Let her grab it of him! That is still my coffin! Shock bazooka! Rip me appart! Rip me appart!” …this is why we need brazilians to do the translating here… 😐

  5. You live where the roads are still dirt. No one can afford shoes. The buildings haven’t been updated since the 19th century. Garbage is piled up in the street because there’s no real infrastructure there, because there’s virtually no economy there, either. Your clothes were placed in charity bins by people in another country three years ago. You’ll go home to a shack with no running water and a communal outhouse toilet.

    And here you are, killing each other over some “you talked to my boyfriend” bullshit.

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