Sleeping Guy Gets Beat Up

Sleeping Guy Gets Beat Up

I don’t know what the hell is going on but this guy decided to beat up another guy while he was sleeping. Did this dude owe him money, smoke his weed, fuck his mom? No damn clue but he just decided to go in fists swinging while the guy was in dream land. All I heard was the guy mention he’s from Texas before he starts ‘fighting’ and I use that term loosely because it’s not even a fair fight when the guy is already unconscious. In fact, the sleeper doesn’t ever seem to be fully awake but I guess getting socked in the face will do that to you. The guy next to him wakes up and watches for a bit probably not sure if it’s real or a dream while the victim starts moaning and then the crying starts. I hope that guy didn’t think he was a hardass because you’re a big fat pussy if the only way you can beat someone’s ass is while they’re asleep.

Thank you Pinky!

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25 thoughts on “Sleeping Guy Gets Beat Up

  1. That’s brutal, waking up to a broken nose, a severe migraine/concussion while having trouble breathing with lots and lots of pain.

    Pretty stupid to record it, there’s just too much info in the video.

  2. Had to get a calculator to prove my humanity…

    Anyway, I think in the homoerotic, inverse world of gang morality, such an obviously cowardly act like this is seen as manly. Just like they claim fucking another man in prison isn’t “gay” if you’re not the one receiving the D.

  3. That sleeping guy had a knife.
    Had his attacker woke him up.
    I guarantee he’d have used it.
    Which says a lot about that guy.
    And why he got caught sleeping.
    You can’t give a punk time to think.
    That’s giving him time to grab something.
    Best to just catch your enemy slipping.
    Hope y’all don’t find this out the hard way.
    Go to a college bar with drunken fools.
    And try to start a fight with one man.
    Who has his pals or a bottle in hand.
    Or a pool que or a knife in pocket.
    And let me know if that fucker fights fair.

  4. These guys are from south Texas..known as the valley..and I’ve seen these kind of tards everywhere down here..I think one yelled out 956 thats mcallen area code…next thing you know they’ll be throwing up the v symbols like those Brazilian roaches…done spread to Texas now..damn

  5. If you listen close the guy that commences the beating says ” July 4th..This is the second mother fucker that fingered my niece..The guy getting bitch slapped around like a rag doll must of finger blasted the dudes 15yr neice .. From what I’ve seen other chesters get on this site he’s lucky a bitch smacking is all he got..well deserved..

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