Filipino Mayor Shot Dead By Sniper For Alleged Involvement With Drugs

When Filipino president, Rody Duterte, took office in 2016, he warned all politicians that had links to drugs to give it up or that he would “give an order to have them assassinated by sniper.” But.. Duterte assumes most people are connected to drugs even when there is no evidence. He has actively encouraged vigilantes to kill anyone involved in the drug trade. Mayor Antonio Halili who is the mayor of Tanauan, Philippines.. was on the long list of allegedly narcotics-linked officials, and that’s exactly why he was shot dead by a sniper last month. Mayor Halili was attending a flag raising ceremony in his city when he was shot in the chest as the national anthem played. He was pronounced dead on arrival to a nearby medical facility. Halili was the 10th mayor murdered since Duterte went into office.

13 thoughts on “Filipino Mayor Shot Dead By Sniper For Alleged Involvement With Drugs

  1. Can’t see this video nor the one with Facebook live suicide ,even with Tor on. @yournextexgirl
    Once you see this above message Nextie , go ahead and remove it if you wish.

    Halili is a Moslem surname or at least was upon a time. His city does have Moslems in it yet with a first name of Antonio it may be his ancestors WERE Moslems before being converted.

    Acording to wiki he humiliated drug dealers and drug pushers ,so who knows what is going on. Maybe he humiliated the small fry to have the heat taken off the big fish like himself and Duterte knew better!

  2. I’m not sure if he was hit from the front or the back. His seersucker suit lifts up over his heart.

    Either the exit wound raised the jacket or the impact created enough lateral energy that his chest expanded and forced the fabric to lift up.

    It was definitely the work of a professional.

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