Chinese Factory Worker Goes For A Ride On A Rotating Machine

A Chinese factory worker was killed while he was working near some kind of rotating machine. Does anyone know wtf that is? The machine came on when the man was definitely not expecting it to and it sucked him in. The machine spins him around and around and around and continuously slams him into the floor. I’m not sure where all the blood is coming from but jeeez that’s a lot of it. And just when you think the machine is going to stop… it keeps going. Eventually, the man falls from the machine as it keeps spinning. I highly highly doubt that he survived this, but who knows. Chinese are strange people, so it could happen.

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33 thoughts on “Chinese Factory Worker Goes For A Ride On A Rotating Machine

  1. Ladies and gentsmen that; the miniature form of Chinese Merry-go-around and they have it installed in all of the Chinese factories to keep the workers amused .You see everything rotates happily even the machines go ga-ga spinning on and on endlessly.

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